“Frontman Daniel Blue says a third album, titled 50 Katrinas, is on its way, and we can’t wait to hear what direction he takes Motopony next.”  - KEXP



Motopony is a Seattle-based alt-psych band led by singer Daniel Blue. With the success of their two full-length albums and a recording journey from the iconic Abbey Road studios, Motopony has toured half way around the world and back playing festivals including SXSW, India's NH-7 Weekender and Bumbershoot, with US tours and dates all across the UK.

Blue and company have been hard at work crafting new music including a collaboration with electronic group Pegboard Nerds titled “Free." They'll be following it up with "When We Were Young" - the first single from their third full-length album 50 Katrinas.  Daniel took this idea of “playing dumb” and being willing to throw yourself in harms way for the sake of a dream to guitarist Timothy Graham.  Together the two created the song, “When We Were Young,” which they felt was important both to them as career musicians and in regards to what they wanted to say to the world.



“Motopony is the essence of folk n’ roll on fire with poetic passion.” – KEXP

“Motopony is an automatic for the KCRW airwaves. The lyric and musicality is magnetic. It sounds fresh yet familiar.”KCRW

"In an age where every band sounds like an easily picked out handful of other bands, Motopony is a unique creature...a band that is all their own." - Baeble Music

"...both familiar and refreshingly skewed, darting away from comparisons" - Uncut






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