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                                2007                                                                                    2008                                                                                   2009                                                                                  2010

It dawned on me the other day that I have been a full time musician for just over ten years.

Troubadour Motopony 6-19-15  by Ivy Augusta-6748 copy.jpg

Last year, working hard at Motopony's third full length album, I came to the realization that I needed to pull back and take a long hard look at the "music industry" and the effect it was having on my creative process.   

DxB Mitchell Bay-8 (1).jpg

 When it got quiet enough I saw that all I truly wanted deep in my soul was to simply get to the work of telling my truth in a creative way.  I had a deep seated knowledge that this simple idea was the way to any sort of "success" in the world of music and that somewhere in my pursuits I had become distracted by the idea of "commercial success". 

DxB Mitchell Bay-19 (2).jpg

I did what any true artist should do upon encountering their own heart and I jumped in head first with no hope of returning to the edge. I allowed the current to take me and the album grew into a thing of the likes of which I had never conceived.


Out of this journey into my own abyss, I was offered a vision.  A "how it could be" kind of vision for my own life and my art and most importantly: a vision for how I might impact the hearts and lives of my audience, wherever the end product may find them.


I went back into the studio and re-evaluated and most often re-recorded every note, measure and template of the existing album's work in progress. I added almost 25 more songs...and wove them all together in a long singular piece of music.  

DxB-34 (1).jpg

I conceived an entire near-future world and a world's worth of narrative to paint and illustrate the thematic cornerstones and symbolism hidden in the lyrics and sound.  I spread myself out across my network of artists and collaborators and carefully nurtured the seeds of this world in their souls so that we might together manifest it in the form of a book, web-journey or (someday) a movie to consume your eyes as you listen and are influenced by our light shining most brightly.

Motopony March-10.jpg

The music is complete and paid for. All production, content creation, artwork and design of weaving sounds with art together have started to take place. We have release dates set, partners growing from KEXP and Starbucks Music, a West Coast tour and Festival in Illinois with an upcoming tour in Europe  To allow myself full creative focus I have hired an experienced, full-time, industry-focused right hand woman who is handling all things relating to the industry side of our pursuit.

Here's where you come in. If you are interested in becoming a patron of Motopony, I'd like to have a conversation with you. Send me an email at and we can schedule a call.